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The Phantom is finally un-masked but ‘every life still precious’

By 20 January 2021June 2nd, 2021No Comments

Message from the Phantom

When anonymously posted safety messages started appearing on whiteboards, newsletters and around the South Walker Creek site in 2020, the author’s identity was a mystery. The Phantom safety crusader has since been un-masked as HSE’s own Frank Krause. His impassioned messages are a reminder to everyone to stay safe while at work, traveling to work and at home, to look after your personal health and wellbeing, and to watch out for your mates because ‘every life is precious’!

Frank’s initiative was so well received by our client BMC,  that they have created a pocket card with the simple reminders from the Phantom Messenger. These important messages will sit in the pockets of employees, displayed around crib huts and the Brisbane office.

Frank is continuing to spread important messages throughout the South Walker Creek operation and proudly living HSE’s Protect & Respect ethos. Frank has gone on to write a poem and video for the team to reinforce the steps they are taking on site to stop the spread of Covid-19. The latest from the Phantom can be seen here.