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Extracting value not just minerals & metals.

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Play our part with pride in building the future

– we do so with integrity, humility, endeavour, excellence and continuity.

If you drive a car or catch public transport, live in a house, go to school or visit a hospital, if you use a computer or a mobile phone – the minerals and metals we mine and process are the building blocks for the goods, services and assets we all use every day.

We work side by side with our clients, at the very start of the value chain, to continue to meet the demands of the world’s growing and urbanising populations.


To be the leanest full-service mine operator in the Australian mining industry

– through an unwavering commitment to creating more value for our customers and a relentless pursuit to lower the total cost of ownership for our clients by reducing overall mine costs.


To deliver our clients viable and profitable long-term operations

– we work with our clients every step of the way to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and deliver price certainty along with consistent quality and production.

Why? Because only then can our clients weather the storms of commodity market fluctuations, meet the demands of their export markets and secure new markets to scale for growth.

Our Values

These values define our corporate culture and serve as the compass that guides HSE on how we run our business and treat people.


We are ethical and honest, we deliver on commitments and we create trusting relationships.


We relish challenge, we are resilliant and we know lasting success is hard won and nurtured with solid, responsible hard work.


We are dedicated to innovation and excellence in everything we do.


We respect others and learn from them, we are aware of our own limitations and we listen to others with an open mind.


We take the long term view, and have the privilege and responsibility of growing our businesses along sustainable lines.


We invest in Our People so our projects directly benefit from the experience, training and long-term tenure of our employees and the high-performing and safe culture which sustains quality and quantity production requirements.

Consistent production can only be achieved when our workforce is performing safely, at its absolute peak. We believe all injuries are preventable and that zero harm is the only acceptable goal – our philosophy is a safe mine is a productive mine.

To sustain high-performance, our people are supported by a strong safety management system that keeps them safe; a culture that encourages free speaking on safety issues; and recognition and reward for innovation and improvements to safety.

We continue to deliver above industry standard safety results.


We are cost focused in everything we do. We give clients what they want, without the bells and whistles. HSE Mining was founded on this principle and it is a key part of our DNA.

We operate with lean overheads because we are busy getting on with the job – delivering our clients exactly what they want on site – lower costs, lower wastage, optimised production and consistent performance.

As a private company, we never compete with our clients for front page news or use our clients’ names to advance our brand recognition. Humility is a corner stone value and is a constant in the way we work.


Establishing and then maintaining trust is not easy. That’s why we work so hard in collaboration with our clients to establish projects properly from day one – no ambiguity and with the cultural foundations in place for high performance.